Lord, “I wanna hear You, louder than the noise.  I wanna feel You, closer than the air….”

I love the words to this worship song.


Some hospital gown humor:

“I was sitting here minding my business,
Kind of letting my mind go slack,
When in comes a nurse with a bright sunny smile
And a gown with a split down the back.
“Take a shower,” she said,
“And get ready. And then jump into this sack.”
What she’s really talking about
Was the gown with the split down the back.
“They’re coming to do some tests,” she said.
They’re going to stretch me out on a rack
With nothing twixt me and the cold, cruel world
But a gown that’s split down the back!
It comes only to the knees in front.
In the sides there is no lack.
But by far the greatest shortcoming
Is that blooming split down the back.
Whoever designed this garment
For humor had a great knack,
But I fail to see anything funny
About a gown that is split down the back.
I hear them coming to get me,
The wheels going clickety clack.
I’ll ride through the halls on a table
In a gown with a split down the back.
When I get to heaven, I’ll make me no odds
If my robe is white, red, or black,
The only thing I ask is please!
Give me one with no split down the back.”

Source: Jeremiah, David (2013-10-01). What Are You Afraid Of?: Facing Down Your Fears with Faith (pp. 35-36). Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.