Clarifying my miscommunication…

We had a  very nice anniversary.  Thanks for the well wishes!

Just to clarify because I don’t want to falsely take credit, that was not my cake posted yesterday.  I was playing around when I was offering you a piece of VIRTUAL anniversary cake–it was a sample picture I had handy but was not my cake.   Watermelon is out of season right now so it’s pricey and not tasty and I did not even make one yesterday. 🙂  We did have a lovely surprise of a beautiful edible arrangement arrangement of a fruit bouquet my sister had delivered in celebration yesterday afternoon.  (Those pictures not uploaded).

 I’ve gotten lots of mileage on the watermelon cake idea over the years–I’ll show you a couple of old pictures of my samples which are not nearly so professional as yesterdays but I’m happy with them. This is my sweet Hannah Banana about 7 years ago. In case you’re interested in making one, if you choose a bigger melon than mine in these shots and go for the middle portion rather than the end, both top and bottom will be flat rather than curved on the sides as these are.



Two Anniversaries on December 30th

Today I have two anniversaries I’m celebrating. Hooray!

December 30, 2012 marks 23 years of marriage to my best friend and love of my life through the sunshine and storms.

I wish my cancerversary also didn’t fall on the same exact day as the other. Those memories aren’t happy like my wedding day and marriage but I made it through the toughest time in my life and grew alot through it so that’s a great thing I can be glad about.

Two years ago today was my Well Woman Checkup right before I was supposed to have an anniversary lunch date with my DH. That day my GYN felt the largest of the lumps of multifocal breast cancer and then I went directly from there for my annual mammogram. I was sporadic about self breast exams and regret that didn’t catch it myself earlier. Exactly one year from the month I had gone from a “stable/normal” mammo (fibrocystic breast disease which had not changed) to one the radiologist described as “ominous” ( which turned out to be Stage 3A). That day was such a shockaroo.

I’m very thankful to God to be alive and doing very well as far as I know.

Here’s to a healthy 2013!  Help yourself to a piece of virtual anniversary cake: my favorite kind to make and eat. The base is a slab of seedless watermelon topped with a variety of fruit: guilt-free delishiousness!