Finishing Treatment Soon: Wahoo!

My VERY happy news is that I get the last dose of my every-3-weeks-for-a year-cancer drug Herceptin on Monday 11/20 and the surgically implanted chest port comes out in December. I thank God for helping me every single step of the way through my journeys through Cancer Land. This was Round Two for me in my battle. I sure am hoping for the best possible results and that it’s gone for good this time. The reality is that cancer is sneaky and does not fight fair. I’m plum out of breasts and it’s nature is aggressive and prone to wander and multiply in life devastating places.

I’d appreciate prayer as I make changes and find my way back to healthy, trim, and fit again. Both times I was diagnosed I was slender, in peak physically-fit condition, and thought I was healthy as a horse but obviously wasn’t. Now I am over weight, the toxic drugs have taken a toll on my whole body, my left knee is injured which makes exercise much more challenging, and some bad food habits and excuses have crept back in which all need to bite the dust pronto. How I need the Lord! Good thing He has fresh starts and His help available 24/7/365. I’m a work in progress as we all are and very much appreciate prayer when you think of me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, friends. 

Friendly Obstacles

by Unknown Author

For every hill I’ve tried to climb,
For every stone that bruised my feet,
For all the blood and sweat and grime,
For blinding storms and burning heat,
My heart sings but a grateful song
These are the things that made me strong!

For all the heartache and the tears,
For all the anguish and the pain,
For gloomy days and fruitless years,
And for the hopes that lived in vain,
I do give thanks, for now I know
These were the things that helped me grow!

‘Tis not the softer things in life
Which stimulate man’s will to strive;
But bleak adversity and strife
Do most to keep man’s will alive.
O’er rose-strewn paths the weaklings creep,
But brave hearts dare to climb the steep




“A pearl is a healed wound.  An oyster protects itself from irritation and suffering and the result is a priceless pearl.”–Kristen Welch


Father, please take the challenging stuff that finds it’s way into the oyster shell of my life and make something beautiful for You out of it all, a lovely pearl.    Carve me into a trophy of Your Grace, Lord.  Mold and fashion me into a vessel that pours out Your love to others.