OOOOOPS on the Hair Coloring Experience!

I had an OOOOOPS experience with hair coloring yesterday and silly me did not associate “auborn brown” with pinkish/orangish/red hair!  Oh my!  We got a good belly laugh out of it all even if I did feel like crying from the shock of seeing myself in the mirror at first.  
 Joy does a beautiful job dying my hair periodically and it was totally my goof in my hair color  selection of auburn and perhaps also the chemicals in my hair from chemo didn’t mix well with the dye.  I’ve seen people with this color hair but honestly don’t care for it and initially felt like putting a brown paper bag over my head with peep holes for my eyes and mouth for my dental visit which unfortunately was scheduled immediately after dye job #1 of 2 yesterday.   We quickly rushed out for another box (hoping all the while I wouldn’t bump into anybody at Walmart that i know) and re-did with plain ole’ medium brown which was what I was aiming for initially  which helped tone it down “some” but I imagine it’s going to take a long, long time to get all  the red pigment out even though it’s the semi permanent kind.  I then got a hair cut and the hair dresser said she LOVED the color, that many clients aim for that shade that I achieved with my back to back home coloring dye jobs, and how popular red hair is right now!   After chemo this time my hair came back curly and  very dark in the back and white and gray in the front—too old lady a la skunk-ish for me.  Ah well!  I am so thankful to have hair again and consider all hair on my head a blessing and a gift. I much prefer any color to shiny-scalp-chemo- bald!


This is from a little book called When Days Seem Dark:

“…There are times when we…do not know which way to turn. It may be just then that we shall learn for the first time how to stand still in perfect peace and quietness of soul, not idling away our time, not hopelessly limp and heedless of the outcome, but working on in such ways as may be given to us, observing with eager joy the way in which God will work it all out to a perfectly glorious ending.”

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