Do you Know About Chemo Angels?

 Everything you have on your car has a very specific function with the exception of one thing: the instrument panel dimmer switch. Why was this invented? Are people’s eyes too sensitive for the five-watt bulb behind the speedometer? It’s like, “Oh, don’t worry about those oncoming headlights, but this odometer light — it’s burning my retina.”
—Wayne Federman
Below is some info about a wonderful organization that I am sharing here in hopes that it’ll be a blessing to others reading this.  I have received so much encouragement and support from two women who were assigned to me as my “Chemo Angels”.  If you or anyone you know is going through chemo, I highly recommend using the link below to apply.

   “The Chemo Angels program offers support to

those who find themselves in one of the most

challenging situations of their lives – receiving a

cancer diagnosis and beginning IV chemo


     Our angels support their “buddy” throughout

their IV chemotherapy journey with cards,

uplifting messages, supportive words and lots of

positive energy. The encouragement our Angels

provide helps give patients the comfort and

confidence of knowing they are not alone in

their fight.” 

For more information and to apply

online, please visit our website at:

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