Gianna’s Gift

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Yesterday I got this email from a precious young woman who is a special friend of our girls:


My Hair Donation in Honor of a Strong Woman I Know

Dear Paula and Family,

My birthday was March 4th,2017. I decided that I wanted to do something different to give back to those I have met throughout the years who have struggled from issues such as low self esteem, cancer, and suicidal tendencies.
So, I shaved all of my hair off. I will be sending it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!
You may view the videos of me having it shaved off below, and feel free to share them with others:
Thank You Mrs. Paula for inspiring me as such as sweet, strong, woman of God.
I love you and will continue to keep you in my prayers. 😙
God Bless You,
Thank you dear Gianna for making the donation of your pretty hair ( to ) in my honor and in the honor of others!  I was moved by your lovely gift that will bless someone else who has lost her hair as I have in my battle against cancer.   BTW, you rock the bald look with those gorgeous eyes and dazzling smile!  You are beautiful inside and outside, Gianna!  Thank you! We love you.
P.S. Gianna was not referring to me in her reference to honoring those with suicidal tendencies with  with her hair donation.  Just thought I’d clarify that so nobody worries about me in that regard. 🙂  I consider every day as a precious gift from God, am hoping to live ’til a ripe old age,  and won’t be leaving this earth one moment before He takes me Home Sweet Home.

“How big is your God?

Is He big enough to heal your marriage or heal your child? Is He bigger than a positive MRI or a negative evaluation? Is He bigger than your worst sin, greatest fear, or biggest dream?

If He is bigger than all of those things, then pray like it.”

-Mark Batterson

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