The Best is Yet to Be

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Funny stuff:


“Had any other situation been better for you than the one in which you find yourself, Divine love would have placed you there.”  –Charles Spurgeon

“Think about this. The One who created and controls the world, the One who is the ultimate definition of what is loving, true, and good, and the One who alone has the power to finally defeat sin has chosen, because of his grace, to wrap his arms of faithful love and protection around you, and He will not let you go.” (Paul Tripp New Morning Mercies Jan 13)

God is encouraging me in many ways and I am so very thankful to be feeling better! 🙂  I am making February my “Phase One” month to concentrate on detoxing from the chemo and to work on building back up my body and returning to healthy, trim, and fit…one step at a time making progress in my body restoration/renewal/revival/ and re-all good things process.  I like the expression, “Don’t look back.  You’re not going that way!”   No matter what is ahead, my future is bright with the Lord in charge of my today and the rest of my life, and the best is yet to be!






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