“God, Make it Count”


Image result for finally settling down to my vegan


Thanks for the laugh, Alan!  🙂




This quote  is my take-away gem today from the link to the article above (Thanks E.M.!) :



“Instead of praying “God, make it better”, I need to pray “God, make it count.”



Good stuff!




This Wednesday is my second to the last chemotherapy infusion then I’ll be continuing my year of IV Herceptin every three weeks.  God, please make it count!



5 thoughts on ““God, Make it Count”

  1. So glad that you can see the finish line for chemo Paula! God makes sure all we are going through counts when we are faithful in following His will, which you are certainly doing. Love and a hug!


  2. We’re proud of you Paula.

    Just to let you know – as I walked through NTM headquarters today, a couple different folks asked about you, said to pass along their love, and/or indicated that they’re praying for you!

    Love, John 🙂


  3. Paula is so nice to get to know you a little better today! God be with you and inspire you with His grace! Praying for you my friend. Love your blog!


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