“When Christmas Isn’t So Merry” Link

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Laughter is part of my personal battle plan in my cancer fight and something about this video totally cracks me up!  🙂  Please know that no offense whatsoever is intended towards anyone who is German.

Below is a poignant blog post, “When Christmas Isn’t So Merry” by Jessica Lynn Nelson that I saw on Social Media…(Thanks D.M.!) good stuff.  This can be an especially hard time of year for many people. for a variety of reasons. The quote by Karina Allen that jumped out to Jessica, was meaningful to me too: “He [God] desires us to be beyond honest with Him and to hear His truth louder than our feelings.”





 It’ll be nice treat not to have chemo tomorrow.  It’s a “Herceptin only” day.  Hooray!

4 thoughts on ““When Christmas Isn’t So Merry” Link

  1. You are great! Even when times are not good, you remember to laugh. I don’t think I have enough laughter in my life, so I love your little comics and videos — keep it up, both for you and for us!


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