Renewed Focus on a Balding, Pimple-Headed Day :)

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I have about 100 little sores all over my  scalp that have been popping out after the last chemos that have been bugging me.   I sure am glad they aren’t plastered on my face, ha, ha!!! When I went through chemo in 2011  I had a mouth full of chemo sores and they crept down my throat and up my nose and this is MUCH easier!  Our skin is a major excretory organ and I know it’s probably a good sign that my body is trying to eliminate the junk.  Yesterday though  I was feeling rather sad and crabby and low about having a balding “Pimple Head”.     I was feeling sorry for myself and self pity  is never a good thing. My remaining hair is in a really funky state as I haven’t buzz cut it yet but probably will soon. I  pictured  sticking a brown paper sack over my head with eyes cut out instead of gratefully using the beautiful hats, scarves, and wigs I have.  There are a lot of adjustments in self image that come along with cancer and honestly, yesterday I was feeling pretty ugly all over.



This short, fun video clip below , “Christmas Presents” was just the reminder I needed today .   It makes me smile and I  love it and I hope you do too!!!!    It got me to thinking that these sores are an object lesson in the “Pimples of Life” that every one of us has in various forms and where we choose to focus when hard things happen or when life isn’t going the way we wish it would. May God give us fresh perspective and eyes to see the blessings and gifts He is LAVISHING on us that are so easy to take for granted.



This song was also another lovely blessing to start my day:



Here’s to a wonderful weekend for all of us with hearts overflowing in gratitude, which is always our very best choice in the midst of the “Pimples of Life” we all deal with sometimes!


5 thoughts on “Renewed Focus on a Balding, Pimple-Headed Day :)

  1. Beautiful Paula,

    Thanks for being my dear wife. Thanks for sharing your heart. I love the video! Indeed, we do have so much to be thankful for!

    Love, John 🙂


  2. Loved the video! It embodies the quote I came across this morning…

    Seek to cultivate a buoyant joyful sense
    of the crowded kindnesses of God in your daily life.
    Alexander MacLaren 1826

    Keep on keeping on! Nita


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