Like Scott Hamilton, We are Blessed Beyond Our Wildest Imagination

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Scott Hamilton’s attitude facing brain cancer for the third time and how he dealt with a past bout with testicular cancer inspires me.  Hamilton, who won gold at the 1984 Olympic Winter Games and has served as a skating commentator for several networks. joked that he has “a unique hobby of collecting life-threatening illness.”  He said on Twitter that he has “been blessed beyond my wildest imagination.”

(The video of Scott  is short and worth listening to IMHO):

Olympic Skater Scott Hamilton Facing Third Brain Tumor Diagnosis: ‘I Choose to Celebrate Life’

Key points for me from hearing him speak in the link:

-My response to this sets the stage for the rest (I liked his analogy of how we respond as parents to our children when they fall down)

-“We choose in everything we do to celebrate life.”

-“Fall down, get up, and smile like Kriisti Yamaguchi. (cool footage in the video) Yeah, I’m gonna fall down, I’m gonna make mistakes, I’m gonna do/(go through) all kinds of things that I wish didn’t happen…but it’s what’s’s how you get up.  Because the more times you get up, the stronger you are to face the next thing which will happen… because that’s life.”

—Scott Hamilton



”Learning to pray is learning to trust the wisdom, the power, and the love of our Heavenly Father, always so far beyond our dreams. He knows our need and knows ways to meet it that have never entered our heads. Things we feel sure we need for happiness may often lead to our ruin. Things we think will ruin us — if we believe what the Father tells us and surrender ourselves into His strong arms, bring us deliverance and joy.” ~Elisabeth Elliot



Psalm 77:19

19 Your path led through the sea,
    your way through the mighty waters,
    though your footprints were not seen.

I am asking God to help me to snuggle up in His love and just rest and trust and leave every single detail of my life in His Hands and STOP GRABBING BACK STUFF I GIVE TO GOD.  The trickiest part for me is keeping my grubby paws off of it all and in a sense as His child,  let Him as my Daddy do the driving in my life and me sit in the back seat and relax.   He knows about all the dangers and scary stuff I see ahead that I keep pointing out to Him.  He knows how to navigate it all perfectly and He’s right here beside me and won’t leave me for even a split second. As I am writing this I  got to thinking about a post I wrote about letting God be my driver during my first round of cancer and I  looked it up.  I found this from June 2011:    Today you get a “Two for One” blog, ha, ha. 😉 It did me good to re-read that old post.  I’m still a work in progress and continue to learn some of the same lessons along with brand new ones.
Like Scott Hamilton, I truly AM blessed beyond my wildest imagination…and so are you!  🙂

Be Thou My Vision

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I saw the oncologist yesterday. It’s been a little over a month since the mastectomy which was 9/27.  Next Wednesday 11/9, I’ll start weekly chemo X 12  and Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year.  I am doing  physical therapy for a post op axillary contracture and I am thankful for the progress I am making.



“Be Thou my vision, Jesus…

When darkness is pressing in, may You be the Light that guides me.

When it’s hard to see, may I seek Your face.

When doubts overwhelm me, may I rest in Your promises.

When things are falling apart, may I trust that you are holding me, holding everything, together.

When the future is uncertain, may I trust Your Word.

When I’m sinking, may I reach for Your hand.

When the world gets loud, may I listen and hear Your voice.

When I am lonely, may You be my Constant Companion.

When my heart is aching, may You be my Comforter.

When it’s hard to breathe, may Your grace be my breath.

When my soul is weary, may You be my Rest.

When the days are long and stressful, may You be my Peace.

When fear creeps in, may You be my Courage.

When I’m broken, may You be my Hope.

When this world wears me out and breaks me down and stomps on my heart a bit, may You be my vision, the only One I seek…because You are always good and You always love and You’ve already won.

So help me remember.
Help me see.
Help me really see.
Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.”

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