Skipping Chemo #3

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I went in for chemo #3 today but was given a skip because my white count is too low to get the infusion safely because of the risk of infection, etc.  This will also give me another week off to help with the neuropathy in my feet and toes. My newest fashion statement in my wardrobe is a face mask when I’m out in public now.  🙂

I’ve been giving some thought to this quote:

“Most people have practiced hitting the notes of bitterness, sourness, hurt feelings, and frustration so long that their soul finds the discordant notes easily, almost without thought.  But you don’t have to keep on practicing discord: you can practice joy and thanksgiving just as easily, and certainly with more pleasure.  Every day, every right response makes the fingers of your soul find the notes of joy and thanksgiving easier and easier.”—Pearl


My take-away:

For every right response ….. practicing joy, thanksgiving, and contentment when my  emotions would choose opposite because of circumstance…every day, every right response will make the fingers of my soul find the notes of joy, thanksgiving, and contentment easier and easier.


This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

“This is My Fight Song, Take Back my Life Song”


Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, everybody!!!!

With gratefulness to the One from Whom all blessings flow,


6 thoughts on “Skipping Chemo #3

  1. Face Masks are HOT right now – you know that? You need to OWN that look – after all, it’s temporary! I’m seeing this as good news for neuropathy and that is where we focus – take a deep breath, focus on building defenses. You are my warrior inspiration! You got this! xoxoxo


  2. Face Masks are HOT right now – all the cool kids are using them! And you can own this look – after all, it’s just temporary. I am refusing to see this as anything but beneficial for neuropathy and a chance to catch a breath. You are my warrior inspiration – you and IN this fight….. and Fight we shall. Catch some extra rest and healing this week before week #4 – we believe in you, Paula Baby!


  3. Love the idea of owning the face mask look. We should do an art project with them. You have a very blessed thanksgiving with your family.


  4. While I was praying for your white count to go back up, I got to thinking that maybe God wants your body to have at rest from the chemo and a low white count is a way for that to happen. Looks like He does. Enjoy your rest – Happy Thanksgiving to you. Loved the quote by Pearl. I’m going to add it to my “keeper” pile. Blessings to you. Nita


  5. Here’s my quote for the day that is in the same family as your Pearl quote:

    “Sadness broods in selfishness. We are inclined to rest in our own unhappy thoughts and resist the things that would set our spirit free from its delusions.”

    The underlying internal conversation that tends to keep us stuck in sadness is this:
    “I have lost _____ and I cannot be happy with out it.”

    Sometimes the falsity and absurdity of that lie isn’t obvious until it is spoken out-loud. What we focus on is what directs and controls our emotions and so God gives us Philippians 4:8. He tells us to practice the right thoughts so the fingers of our souls get better and better at playing the right thought “notes”.

    Paula, you have been such a shining light in reminding us all to focus on the multitude of blessings God supplies and not get hung up on the hard spots of our adversities. We hold you up in prayer as you continue your battle with God’s help. Keep holding on to what is true! Nita


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