Be Thou My Vision

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I saw the oncologist yesterday. It’s been a little over a month since the mastectomy which was 9/27.  Next Wednesday 11/9, I’ll start weekly chemo X 12  and Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year.  I am doing  physical therapy for a post op axillary contracture and I am thankful for the progress I am making.



“Be Thou my vision, Jesus…

When darkness is pressing in, may You be the Light that guides me.

When it’s hard to see, may I seek Your face.

When doubts overwhelm me, may I rest in Your promises.

When things are falling apart, may I trust that you are holding me, holding everything, together.

When the future is uncertain, may I trust Your Word.

When I’m sinking, may I reach for Your hand.

When the world gets loud, may I listen and hear Your voice.

When I am lonely, may You be my Constant Companion.

When my heart is aching, may You be my Comforter.

When it’s hard to breathe, may Your grace be my breath.

When my soul is weary, may You be my Rest.

When the days are long and stressful, may You be my Peace.

When fear creeps in, may You be my Courage.

When I’m broken, may You be my Hope.

When this world wears me out and breaks me down and stomps on my heart a bit, may You be my vision, the only One I seek…because You are always good and You always love and You’ve already won.

So help me remember.
Help me see.
Help me really see.
Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.”

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8 thoughts on “Be Thou My Vision

  1. Keep running that race PB! Keep running ……… I love the visual of adjusting your sails to life’s changing winds. it’s not a hurricane, it’s just another amazing opportunity to stretch the sails ….and use the wind! xoxoxo


  2. Yesterday Ps 105:1-5 stood out to me in a whole new way… “Seek the Lord and His Strength. Seek His face and his presence continually. Remember His wonderful acts which He has done. O give thanks to the Lord. Call upon His name.” I love the order of the instructions. Seek His strength first to enable you to do the rest… 🙂


  3. Two quotes came across my path today you might like:
    “Thoughts that disturb and trouble us seldom come from God. It is generally best to put them away and throw oneself at His feet with mistrust of self and increased trust in Him.”
    “When I focus on God, I cease noticing how weak or strong I feel.”
    I know your heart is to focus on God. Praying for Him to give you strength to keep doing that.


  4. Paula, Thinking of you and your sweet family. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, like you did the last few years. You accomplished a lot with your consistent walks with Marley. When I’m recuperating, my therapy is to just walk down to the barn and jump into my daily work.routine. it soothes and strengthens my mind and soul.


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