Plans for Chemo

Ha, ha! 😉

My incision is healing well but I haven’t felt so well this past week and have been pretty wiped out and under the weather.  I was thinking maybe it was an infection with the drain even though I was on an antibiotic to prevent that but  I’m glad to be feeling some better the last few days and  I am thankful that I don’t think there is an infection after all.   What a relief it was on Monday to get that irritating drain out that was in my chest postop.  It was in there 2 weeks, a few days longer than it needed to be because of Hurricane Matthew on it’s way and then the weekend right afterwards and I developed a skin reaction from it with a bright red rash around it that had a ferocious itch, stinging, and burning.  I am on two prescription medicines for the rash.  After four days it  looks nearly the same and is not a pretty site  but I am no longer crawling out of my skin with itching so that’s progress.


I also saw my oncologist on Monday who wants me to continue healing more before starting chemo which will begin  in early November.  There was consideration of possibly using a research protocol with a drug called Kadcyla (TDM1)  for Stage 1 cancer which is showing promise with Patients with metastatic Her2 positive breast cancer but I was not eligible after all because this is my second primary breast cancer in six years.  I was interested in participating in the research study and getting that drug instead of chemo but am trusting that God shut that door. Kadcyla has been a lifesaver for some women with metastatic her2 disease but does have some very serious potential side effects as do all these oncology drugs.


 The plan at present  is for me to have IV Taxol chemo weekly X 12 and Herceptin IV every three weeks for a year.  Because this cancer is staged at 1 instead of the 3A as it was in my left breast last time and not in my lymph nodes I’ll be on a a less toxic regimen  than what I was on  6 years ago (Taxotare, Carboplatin, and Herceptin).  Last time I also had 30 rounds of aggressive radiation afterwards  and this time I am spared that part, thank You, Lord.  My Dr said with Taxol I may or may not loose all my hair, some people just have thinning.  I just looked it up on  and it said:
  • Taxol usually causes complete hair loss, including head, brows, lashes, pubic area, legs, and arms.       Oh my, been there, done that: time will tell…sorry if this is too much info about the joys (not) of chemo.
I am a collector of quotes that inspire me.  I unearthed these:
“Today we fight. Tomorrow we fight. The day after, we fight. And if this disease plans on whipping us, it better bring a lunch, ’cause it’s gonna have a long day doing it.”
– Jim Beaver, Life’s That Way: A Memoir

“When a thought of anxiety comes knocking on the door of your mind you must refuse it entrance. If you invite it in, it will have dinner with you, and if it has dinner with you it will quickly move in and want to spend the night.”

“My Cancer Journey Has Never Defined Who I am, It’s Just Another Chapter in My Story.”

“Live every day like its your last . . . one day you’ll be right.”

“Impossible is a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is an opinion, not a fact. Impossible isn’t a declaration, it’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

—David Beckham in Kris Carr’s Crazy,SexyCancer Tips

War Strategies That Can Apply to Fighting Cancer and a Bunch of Other Challenges like Obesity:

1. “Wars are fought strategically. one battle at a time.
2 . Wars are fought on more than one front.
3. We must expect setbacks and defeats along the way.
4. When we lose a battle, we must get back on track immediately, so we don’t lose the war.
5. We will not win if we refuse to fight.”
——Carole Lewis


Continuing my second 1000 Gift Gratefulness List:


41. This sweet and beautiful “ABCs with a Twist” video was a blessing for me to watch:  It reminds me of years ago when my dear friends and mentors Sonia and Linda challenged me and my then little chickadees to memorize and meditate on portions of Scripture.  I still remember some of the hand motions we used to help us with recall as we recited verses together. 🙂  Unlike my kids, I am not a very good memorizer.  I’m going to either look for a new passage from the Bible or find an old one we’ve learned in the past to refresh (“use it or lose it” and I’ve lost lots that I’ve memorized because I didn’t continue practicing.).  I’ll post what I choose–maybe others reading this would want to learn it with me?

42. Less itching of the rash (Please pray that it’ll completely resolve soon)


Have a lovely day, everybody!



P.S. I’m sorry in advance if this post doesn’t format with paragraphs.  I always put them in but it seems when I post, sometimes it turns into one long blob without paragraphs.


3 thoughts on “Plans for Chemo

  1. So glad to hear from you. Went searching for something in junk mail this morning and this,was in there. I prayed often for you during the possibility of Matthew affecting the Orlando area. Thankful you didn’t have to deal with the damage of some areas. A couple of my husband’s distant cousins are down in Haiti to help out for 10 days or so. We will have a family gathering tomorrow to celebrate my grandson’s twin daughters turning one on the 12th. They were 6 weeks premature, but are healthy and strong. They aren’t walking alone yet, but it won’t be long. Sorry for the allergic reaction to the tube that caused the rash, just normal recuperation is hard enough. Hopefully you will begin to feel a little better each day this week. Praying for your recovery


  2. thank you–and praying. I know it’s awful to feel yucky for so long. I am very thankful for doctors and medicines, such as they are…It’s a sad old world–but God gives gifted people to help us fight ‘stuff’–and of course since we have eternal hope and joy–it keeps it all in perspective.
    Let us know when you have a nausea-free, pain-free day–that will be a HUGE red letter day!


  3. Always appreciate your updates. Glad the tube is out. We used to tell our team when hey we’re dealing with itchy bites ” never scratch the itch. It makes it worse. “. When you do scratch (becaus they always did) use the pads of your fingers snd not you fingernails. Those are little germ scoops. :-). Living in the US, an ice cube can really help soothe itching. I don’t know if it actually does something or the cold make you forget the itch. Anyway, it is worth a try until the itch is all healed up. Love to you. Nita


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