Joy Empowers Us to Rise Above Any Circumstance



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“I define joy as a spectrum of emotions, actions, and responses that includes gladness, cheer, happiness, merriment, delighting, dancing, shouting, exulting, rejoicing, laughing, playing, brightening, blessing and being blessed, taking plea­sure in and being well pleased.
The Bible insists that joy is more than a feeling; it’s an action. We don’t just sense joy; we embody it by how we respond to the circumstances before us.
What is the genesis of this joy? I believe that, at its core, joy emanates from the abiding sense of God’s fierce love for us.
The tigerish love of God from which joy comes is foun­dational to faith. God’s love guards us, protects us, grows us, strengthens us, and compels us to walk in greater trust and holiness. This is no passive affection, but a feisty, fiery pledge to grow us into the fullness of Christ. When we embrace this love and cultivate an awareness of it, our hearts are filled with joy.
Such awareness strengthens our resolve that no matter the fight, we face it confident that God is with us and for us. When we fight back with joy, we no longer size the character of God according to our circumstances, but we size our circumstances according to the character of God and his great affection for us.
Practicing defiant joy is the declaration that the darkness does not and will not win. (tweet this)
Perhaps no greater joy has been given to us than through the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. Through his sacrifice, everything that stands between God and us is wiped away forever. We bring God and all of heaven great joy when we give ourselves wholly to Christ.
The Son of God crashed into our world with an angel broadcasting, “I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people.” Before leaving our world, Jesus endows the disciples with the promise, “These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.”
Jesus arrives in joy, departs in joy, and calls us to great joy through fellowship with him. The proper response to being drenched in so much wondrous affection is to bring delight to God by offering our lives to him through obedience.
We are destined for joy. (tweet this)

You are founded in joy, created for joy, and destined for joy. Joy is where you come from. Joy is what you are created to experience. Joy is where you are headed.”

Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg

Continuing my second 1000 Gift Gratefulness List:

40. The glorious choice I have to “Fight Back with Joy”


One thought on “Joy Empowers Us to Rise Above Any Circumstance

  1. There is no other choice – but Joy, gratitude, humor. Some days I find myself not liking where I’ve been….or where I am ….but I have to remember it’s the Master’s plan….not mine. We take it all one step at a time and be grateful for the journey …..with a lot of humor sometimes. You’re doing great! You are amazing. Keep on moving forward my sister. Remember – those scars are proof that you are a tiger and you’ve earned your stripes…….. xoxo


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