My Scars are Proof…

223_bravo | PickleDish... funny i just finished mine :-):

“You know what?

Your scars are proof that you’re a kind of bulletproof…

Proof that that He’ll carry you through anything, get you through everything, so you can be stopped by nothing.  Scars are proof that you can now weather any storm because Jesus didn’t just calm one storm but all storms and these scars are proof that you’re a kind of bulletproof because living through the hardest battles proves you can live through any battle…

…Your scar is proof of your brave.” “

—–Ann Voscamp

Continuing my second 1000 Gift Gratefulness List:

36.  My incision is healing well. Thank You Lord for the scars on my chest: evidence of the courage You gave me and a symbol of being brave with Your strength and a  kind of “bullet-proof”, reminding me that You walk with me through every storm.  The scars teach me that You’ll “carry me through anything, get me through everything, so I can be stopped by nothing”.  That’s the kind of perspective I want to have about these scars, rather than looking at them as ugly things, to view them as a sign of healing and being fully alive. Thank You Lord,  that the scars on my chest  replace both breasts that held the cancer and that the cancer has been removed.  Thank You for the skill of both my breast surgeons guided by Your Hand years apart and that my future is bright and full of hope as I walk with You.

I like this quote:

“I will not be ashamed of my scars because they are brushstrokes in the Masterpiece that is my life”.

37.   The “So” in John 3:16  We can replace our names with “the world’ and make it personal:

“For God SO loved Paula (and fill in YOUR name) that He gave His only begotten Son, so that if Paula (and fill in YOUR name) believes in Him then Paula ( and fill in YOUR name) should not perish but have everlasting life.

The definition of “SO” means “To a great extent or degree; very, extremely; exceedingly, enormously, tremendously, to an immeasurable degree”.  It’s such a little word to mean a great big thing about God’s love for us that He would give Jesus to die on the Cross for us and then raise Him from the dead.  What love!  What a grand arrangement and great news that we can have everlasting life because of simple faith plus nothing!

38.Family and friends reaching out to us in so many ways

39. “Blessings” song by Laura Story:


My cup overflows with blessings!

God’s beloved Paula 🙂


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