Surgery Successful!

Hi folks,

We’ve received word that Paula finished surgery around 5:15 PM.  Dr. Minton just came out and spoke with us.  She shared that everything went well (thank the Lord!) and that the two sentinel nodes did not show any cancer, so she did not need to remove any further lymph nodes.  This also means that Paula should not need any radiation this go around, just chemo; the recommended type and frequency of chemo will be determined by the oncologist, Dr. Molthrop, based on the size of the cancerous nodules.

Thanks again for your prayers.  I’m waiting now for them to come get me so that I can be with my precious Paulita!

John 🙂

6 thoughts on “Surgery Successful!

  1. I have been praying all day…thanks for the update and for the wonderful news! Please give Paula a hug from me. Love and appreciate you all!


  2. Dear Paula –
    Prayers continue as we receive this blessed news of a successful surgery.
    Healing happens with every breath.


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