Trust His Heart



“When our lawn mower broke and wouldn’t run, my wife kept hinting to me that I should get it fixed. But, somehow I always had something else to take care of first, the shed, the boat, working on the car… always something more important to me.

Finally she thought of a clever way to make her point.

When I arrived home one day, I found her seated in the tall grass, busily snipping away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors.

I watched silently for a short time and then went into the house. I was gone only a minute, and when I came out again I handed her a toothbrush.
I said, “When you finish cutting the grass, you might as well sweep the driveway.”

The doctors say I will walk again, but I will always have a limp.”

Sharing an article I gleaned some good things from:
“Cancer: Don’t Handle it. Hand it.”
Below is an excerpt from the link that is a good reminder to me as I think about the difference between God’s perspective and mine on trials.

“Don Quixote tells the story of a man who was desperately hanging onto a ledge one dark night fearing he would fall to his death. His terror mounted as he imagined the awful height from which he would plummet. Then, as morning dawned and light dispelled the darkness, he realized he was just inches from the ground!”

This morning I listened to this old favorite of mine,  “Trust His Heart”  and was blessed by the beautiful message once again
This is the chorus:
God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don’t understand
When you don’t see His plan
When you can’t trace His hand
Trust His heart 
Lord, every single good gift comes from You… 

(From James 1:7)   One Thousand Gifts
369. “I have handed over all control to the One who tells the ocean waves just how far they can progress before they must recede again into the depths of the oceans. To the One whose voice quells the wind and the waves and designates the path of the lightning. Mine was a freefall into the Everlasting Arms and peace instantly reigned over fear.”  (Margaret Ashmore)
370.”This, then, is of faith, that everything, the very least, or what seems to us great, every change of the seasons, everything which touches us in mind, body, or estate, whether brought about through this outward senseless nature, or by the will of man, good or bad, is overruled to each of us by the all-holy and all-loving will of God. Whatever befalls us, however it befalls us, we must receive as the will of God. If it befalls us through man’s negligence, or ill-will, or anger, still it is, in even the least circumstance, to us the will of God. For if the least thing could happen to us without God’s permission, it would be something out of God’s control. God’s providence or His love would not be what they are. Almighty God Himself would not be the same God; not the God whom we believe, adore, and love.” – E.B. Pusey, 1800-1882
371. Fun chatting with friends and family at the church picnic yesterday

4 thoughts on “Trust His Heart

  1. Glad you like the quote, Beth. 🙂 Thanks for the cartoons you emailed me recently!

    Terry, that song encourages me too. I just got off a nice letter to Danny–I circulated a paper at the picnic for folks to add to it–think it’ll be a blessing to him. The kids had fun at Ethan’s party. 🙂

    Praying for you, Nancy Louise. 🙂



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