Seeking out humor and inspiration

Michael Joiner’s Fast Food Comedy:  HA!


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I have been enjoying the release and relief of laughter lately ( I laughed my head off yesterday telling jokes that tickled my funny bone while my friend Ruth was so kind to give me a massage).  I like  sharing  my heart here (it’s a very theraputic outlet for me and I love passing along the comfort God is comforting me with).  At the same time I definitely have no wish to offend any one with any humor or anything I share, realizing that what people think is funny or appropriate is extremely subjective. An example of this is Michael Joiners comedy link I am sharing today (see between cartoons if interested)  which I found humorous even though it does poke fun at a fast food worker and some might consider this cynical or a “put down” which is not my style in real life but his story did make me chuckle which I consider a good thing in the midst of all I am going through right now. 🙂
AnyWhoMagoo– I try to select wholesome humor but realize that this too is subjective as to people’s own comfort levels and preferences .  Some may find it inappropriate to even joke about cancer at all or in particular breast cancer, considering it very private subject or an off limits topic which I do not. 
 Please feel free to skip over any cartoons or links I share without reading them–I have no wish to offend or stumble any one. 🙂 Anyway, I say all that to also say this:  I read two jokes yesterday: one about mammograms and also one re: a wife of a dying man doing something I would never do that struck me funny and had me laughing.  If you are a woman and would not consider jokes like these offensive and would like to hear them, just email me directly at (rather than replying here to the website in this case) and I will email them to you.  BTW, I love it when people comment  here or by email to my posts: I find it very encouraging and it lets me know I am not just talking to myself!  🙂 Thanks for doing that. Yesterday Esther shared a “Hungry Heart” devotion in a reply that was edifying–if you haven’t read it in yesterdays comments, you’ll be glad you did.  Folks, feel free to use the comments section to share things that will glorify the Lord and encourage me and others.  I appreciate it so much, thank you.
Below is a partial compiling of quotes on the internet by a group of women with breast cancer  finishing this sentence “You Know You’re a Breast Cancer Patient When….” I did not write these but can relate to many of them.  I personally dislike slang terms for breasts or crudeness so have eliminated or altered those in the original quotes:
“You Know You’re a Breast Cancer Patient When….
You’re the only woman in a house full of men, and you have less hair than they do!
Your bones and joints think they’re twice as old as you are.
You know what colace, miralax, senna, and immodium are,when to take each one, and you never leave home without them.
 Your friends from work see you with very little hair and a bloated face and body from steroids and they say you look good…….. …….
When your living room sofa has a permanent indentation in it which looks strangely like your rear end
When your pedometer says you took 108 steps today.
When you are checking in the mirror about how long your hair is at least once a day.when you walk and talk like your grandmothers’ grandmother.
your total lack of fear makes new car salespersons sweat.

When you are happy because somebody tells you that you don’t look so yellow and pale anymore.

When you’re using the lint roller on your head to get out the stubbies!

When you miss your breasts…

People keep telling you how good you look, and you wonder, “If I look so good in a wig and have no eyelashes and no eyebrows, how bad did I look before I had cancer?”

When the lint roller isn’t working so well on your head anymore so you start using duct tape to get those “prickles” out.

When you start to consider buying a bigger microwave just because you cannot fit another prescription bottle on top of the one you have.

When people say and “howwwwww are youuuu really” (dragging it out with that low voice).

How about when your teenager tries to signal you from across the room to “adjust” your prosthesis (“Mom….you have one creeping to the middle!”) He ended up texting me!

 When you finally get brave enough to ditch your wig and wear a baseball cap instead and a store employee (young man) calls you SIR!

 When your 2 year old granddaughter pulls off your wig because she wants to put it on and dance in front of the mirror.

 When you feel like a newborn: hairless and ready for a nap at any time.

When all your female acquaintances – family, friends & co-workers – tell you when they book mammograms

When you are either freezing cold, from low blood counts, or scorching hot, from hot flashes- never quite just the right temp!

 Everyone wants to give you lessons on ‘attitude’ because that is the real cure for cancer.

When your 80 year old mother calls YOU for advice on dealing with constipation.

When you discover, thru chemo baldness, that you inherited the shape of your father’s head.

 When the neighbor comes over to check on you because he saw a strange man in the back yard only to find out it was you that he saw.

You know you’re a breast cancer patient when…you agree to a treatment plan that’s designed to turn you into an overweight, cranky, red faced, bald guy with hot flashes.”
Do any of you folks have any jokes or thing humorous/inspiring you can send me here or privately by email?   I want to and I need to laugh and be inspired. How about sharing some encouraging Bible verses you love for me to hang my hat on?   There are many times I feel the pull of depressed thinking, despair, or just feel like crying and crying.  There’s certainly a plentiful supply of things that can get a person with aggressive cancer down or complain about.  God has much better for me than walking in the flesh and I want to steer clear of all pits and make God-honoring choices instead. Truthfully, I can really use all prayers and  lots of encouragement and gestures of cheerin’ uppin’ these days .  🙂    Who was that guy in the Old Testament who needed people to hold up his arms so their side could keep winning in the battle and his arms were growing weak and heavy?  I forget the details of the story but  my cancer battle wears me out sometimes and I gotta keep giving it back to the Lord over and over and over.  Thanks to all of you who help “hold up my arms” and are His Hands and Feet a mouthpiece of His in my life.  I am grateful to you.  🙂

Lord, every single good gift comes from You…
(From James 1:7)   One Thousand Gifts
290. A tickled funny bone
291.. Ruth’s massages….ahhhh!
292.. Faith the size of a mustard seed that moves mountains.  Please teach me more about that kind of faith and more about being a woman of prayer, Lord.


4 thoughts on “Seeking out humor and inspiration

  1. I like good jokes. Life can be hard at times and we need to cheer-up.People here may hear me laughing in front of my computer. Just so they think I am not freaking out here!!

    Nancy Louise


  2. Any jokes you may post, I’m confident will be appropriate for me!
    You are doing an amazing job, Paula. you are one of my heroes!
    God is using you in many ways and I’m privileged to call you friend.
    Ever praying,….


  3. Loved your blog today. I got a lot of chuckles. I remember only one joke and I heard it on my honeymoon 45 years ago. This is one you have to visualize in order to appredciate it.

    A man walked into a bar and had several drinks given to him by a big bushy bearded bar tender. After a while he had to use the gents room. When he came out, he called the bartender over and whispering, asked him if he knew the owner. As the bar tender leaned over to hear the whisper, the man graps hold of the beard and starts rubbing his hands through the beard as if admiring it. But, what he said to the bar keep as he was drying his hands was: “There are no more hand towels in the men’s bathroom.”


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