“Through God We Will Do Valiantly”

The below is a direct quote by Stacy from http://hiswaynotmine.blogspot.com/ :
“I am constantly aware that without Him I am weak and misguided. That left to myself, I am without peace and direction. Without strength. Without hope.He is my everything. And He has the answers that I don’t have. He calms the storm that begins rising within me.

And Peter answered Him and said, ‘Lord, if it is You, command me to come to you on the water.’ So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, ‘Lord, save me!’ And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him….” Matthew 14:28-31
My eyes need to be fixed on Him….everyday. Every hour. Every minute.And so that morning, I fixed my eyes on Him. Seeking His shelter and His peace.He is faithful leading me in His Word to exactly what I needed to hear deep in my heart.

He lead me to Psalm 108.

And I read….

“I will praise You, O Lord, among the peoples, And I will sing your praises to You among the nations…..that Your beloved may be delivered, save with Your right hand, and hear me…..Give us (me) help from trouble, For the help of man is useless. Through God we (I) will do valiantly, For it is  He who shall tread down our (my) enemies.” 
He again showed me that He is fighting this enemy….cancer. He is my help. He is my deliverer. Through Him I will do mighty things…..and He will take down this enemy. His way, in His time. All I need to do is stand strong in Him, each and every day and wait on the Lord.I know I sound like a broken record…..but really….in God is victory and strength. He takes down strongholds and parts the sea. He takes down the giants and desires us to live abundantly in Him.So I choose Him over everything else.

I stood confident in Him as I walked through the Radiation door.

And He showed Himself strong.”

The above is by Stacy from http://hiswaynotmine.blogspot.com/ 

Lord, every good gift comes from You.

(From James 1:7)   One Thousand Gifts   http://www.aholyexperience.com/

260. Thank You Lord that You are teaching me to keep my eyes on You every second, minute, hour, day. You have all the answers I do not have.  You are my victory and my strength and my deliverer, my shelter and my peace and my hope.  You truly are my all in all, my everything.
261. This cancer is a giant that is easy for God to take down, a Red Sea for Him to easily part, an enemy that God can deliver me from,  a stronghold that has no grip on me if God loosens it.
262. Marla passing along her experience with breast cancer and sending me funny things to make me smile and laugh
263. I choose God over everything else I think I want
264. Experimenting with the TENS unit is giving me some measure of relief from the invisible tourniquet sensation on my arm.  Hooray!
265. One of my gifts from God today is for me to personalize Psalm 108: “I will praise You, O Lord, among the peoples (everybody), And I will sing your praises to You among the nations (including l the hurting people I encounter at the Cancer Institute and medical offices and testing places, people you have me meeting as I am out and about, my friends and family, and here in this blog)…..that Your beloved (me!) may be delivered, save with Your right hand, and hear me…..Give us (me) help from trouble, (I desperately need You Lord) For the help of man is useless. (Only YOU can make this cancer treatment work if it is in Your will for it or any of the upcoming treatments to work.  Only You can protect and defend my healthy cells in the midst of this cancer and the surgical, chemical, radiological, and other drug warfare going on in my body) Through God we (I) will do valiantly, (“Wow” on “valiantly!”) For it is  He who shall tread down our (my) enemies.” (Lord, I am counting on You to do what is best.  Cancer is a snap for You to melt away and carry away from my body at just the right time if that is Your perfect will.  Please don’t let me waste a single lesson You want me to learn though what You are allowing and orchestrating. Thank You for defeating the enemy of my soul too–Satan and all his fiery darts like fear, doubt,etc.  Jesus died and rose again and anything to do with the enemy of our souls is a settled matter forever.  God always has the final word.
“Through God we will do valiantly”–don’tcha love that?!



 /ˈvælyənt/ Show Spelled[val-yuhnt] Show IPA



boldly courageous; brave; stout-hearted: a valiant soldier.

marked by or showing bravery or valor; heroic: to make a valiant effort.

worthy; excellent.
Today let’s us sheep stay put, right in our Shepherd’s lap, in His green meadows, and beside His still waters!  Any wandering is dangerous stuff!
God’s beloved bald-headed Paula (not for long on the bald headed part, forever on the beloved part 🙂

Psalm 23

 1 The Lord is my shepherd;
      I have EVERYTHING I need(!) Everything.

 2 He lets me rest in green meadows;
      he leads me beside peaceful streams.
    3 He renews my strength.
   He guides me along right paths,
      bringing honor to his name.
 4 Even when I walk
      through the dark valley of death,[a]
   I will not be afraid,
      for you are close beside me.
   Your rod and your staff
      protect and comfort me.
 5 You prepare a feast for me
      in the presence of my enemies.
   You anoint my head with oil.
      My cup overflows with blessings.
 6 Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me
      all the days of my life,
   and I will live in the house of the Lord forever


3 thoughts on ““Through God We Will Do Valiantly”

  1. Selah! Amen, Paula! Choosing to trust Him with you for the answers we don’t have…our faith pleases Him. And to keep my eyes fixed on Him…He is SO WORTHY! You are dearly loved, Paula.


  2. Wonderful word Paula.

    I have been studying the Biblical meaning of HOPE! It is a confident assurance that what God promises He will do!

    “Now abide faith, hope and love”. May you hope in Him.

    Love, Lillie


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