Plan B (and C)

Greetings!  As most of you know, Paula has been on the Gerson cancer therapy for an initial eight week trial, to evaluate whether it is effective in her situation.  In late March (at the 4 week midway point), a radiology report had indicated a new large (6 cm) tumor, but that turned out to be a typographical error, so Paula continued with the Gerson therapy for an additional four weeks.

We’ve been encouraged, as we’ve shared, with the positive results we’ve seen relating to Paula’s ovary, uterus, and overall health.  Nonetheless, our main focus (and reason for doing the Gerson therapy) was to help Paula’s immune system fight this aggressive breast cancer.

As Paula reached the initial eight weeks point, she had another ultrasound done on Monday (5/2) and then today (5/4) we met with the breast surgeon again, who also used her ultrasound equipment to examine her.

Unfortunately, it seems from this latest radiology report (and confirmed by our visit with the breast surgeon today) that the cancer tumors are continuing to grow.  Thus, Paula has reluctantly decided to go down the path of Plan B (breast removal) and Plan C (chemo, radiation, hormone therapy, etc.).  A mastectomy is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday, May 12.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has been helping us, being the hands and feet of Jesus, during these past weeks – juicing, produce washing, coffee brewing, providing meals, cleaning, laundry, baked goods, groceries, encouraging cards & emails, etc.  As we head into this surgery and then, after she recovers from that, 18 weeks or so of chemotherapy (then radiation, Herceptin, and hormone therapy), your continuing help and encouragement will be appreciated as well.

We also certainly appreciate your prayers as we head down this path that we are not entirely comfortable with (ok, that’s not strong enough – I believe the word Paula used was “hate”), but that nonetheless seems the best option at this point – prayer that God will be glorified, that we will rest in Him, that He will guide (both the doctors and us), that He will protect Paula (from infections, mistakes, complications, etc.), and that He will heal Paula.

By His Grace, John & Paula  🙂

8 thoughts on “Plan B (and C)

  1. DSCC and I are proud that you all are giving the Lord praise in the midst of the storm. He alone will carry you through.


  2. Praying for you much in these days, Paula. I know this isn’t how ‘you’ planned your life, but God is giving you opportunities to depend on Him, and it looks like you’re doing just that!! Isaiah 26:3 What a praise you are to God in your attitude.


  3. Dear Lord please keep Paula and her family resting in your peace as she awaits the removal of the cancer from her body. I still ask that you would heal her by a more natural way than using the knife. I know we can be confident that You are in charge of her life. Therefore I trust You that if surgery is Your option for her, it will be more glorifying to You than we could possibly foresee. Thank-you Lord that so many people have come along side her during her time of need. Your blessings are overwhelming. Please give the surgeons much wisdom. Lord please remove all the cancer from her body and prohibit it from re-occurring. Please walk her family and friends through this trying situation and help them all to draw closer and closer to You.

    May You be totally glorified,
    In Jesus name,


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