Praise Report!

Greetings!  In the midst of dealing with Paula’s breast cancer, we had some good news  that we wanted to share with you.

In our last Paula Health Update (on 4/2) we shared the good news that Paula did not have a new 6 cm tumor (as the ultrasound report had initially indicated), but that apparently it was only 6 mm and a typo had been made.  So that has given us a bit of a reprieve to see if God will be pleased to use the Gerson therapy to help Paula’s immune system defeat this cancer.

Our good news today does not relate directly to Paula’s breast cancer, but it is encouraging nonetheless.

First, some Background:

You may recall that Paula has had problems with excessive uterine bleeding in November 2009 (which resulted in a D&C) and October 2010; these were apparently due to her uterine lining becoming excessively thick, perhaps due to a hormone imbalance.  As a result, her gynecologist prescribed  progesterone for Paula to avoid continued problems in this area.

In January of this year, however, when the breast cancer was biopsied and analyzed, we learned that progesterone feeds this particular cancer, so progesterone is no longer an option; in fact, the progesterone (that Paula was on) very likely contributed to the growth of the breast cancer.

So, Paula and her doctors realized that, since (due to the breast cancer) she could no longer be on progesterone, her thickened uterine lining may again lead to excessive bleeding and thus possibly necessitate a hysterectomy.

In late 2009, a medium-sized complex cyst (with a solid component) was also discovered on Paula’s right ovary.  Although surgery was an option, the doctor indicated that it was very unlikely that it was cancerous and so Paula elected to instead have it monitored periodically (via ultrasound) to keep an eye on it.

OK, now onto the good news!

As Paula had been preparing for a possible mastectomy, she wanted to know how her uterine lining and the ovarian cyst were doing (in case she would need to consider a hysterectomy or ovariectomy as well).  So last week she had an pelvic ultrasound done – and the report came back normal – with no mention of a thick uterine lining nor a complex ovarian cyst!

Now that kind of surprised us (but who ever heard of a radiology report being in error), so Paula spoke with the radiologist, who offered to repeat the ultrasound for free.  We received the official ultrasound report and it was in agreement with the first ultrasound.  Her uterine lining has decreased in thickness from 2.1 cm (in Oct. 2010) down to 3 mm, and there is no longer any cyst showing on her right ovary!

For this, we praise and thank the Lord!  It could be that He’s using the Gerson therapy to get Paula’s body back into normal functioning, and we hope and pray He will help her body fight off the breast cancer as well.

We appreciate your continued prayers for Paula’s healing, and we also thank everyone who has or is continuing to help us with juicing, produce washing, coffee brewing, etc.  Our Paula’s Partners volunteer calendar is active again, so we would invite you to visit our Paula’s Partners site (by visiting and clicking Paula’s Partners on the left-side menu).

Thanks again for your prayers, help, and encouragement!

By His Grace, John & Paula 🙂

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