His way, not mine

“Today, will I surrender my fears, my future, my what ifs, my life to the God of the heavens? The sovereign one with whom there are no accidents. With whom truth gives way, shining its light on the very core of my fears. With whom His very Word, that which we can hold in our fingertips, and take into the inner places of our beings…..
brings hope, love, truth, comfort, encouragement, courage, forgiveness, healing, strength and endurance…and the ability to surrender to Him.”

2 thoughts on “His way, not mine

  1. Paula, I will try to keep this short as I know you have a lot going on. I am so sorry that there haven’t been positive results from the Gerson treatments. I don’t know if you remembered that I mentioned previously about the woman I met while getting produce. She was undergoing chemo for breast cancer and was told not to eat greens. I don’t know how you are planning on eating now – still following the Gerson method or something else, but I wanted to remind you about that in case you want to mention it to the oncologist and find out about eating greens during chemo if you decide to go that route.
    Also, you probably are pretty clean right now – I don’t know how drugs will affect you – from the surgery or the chemo. I don’t know the answer – maybe eat some cooked potato, sweet potato, beans, lentils, brown rice. I really don’t know what to say – but felt you needed to know this (you might already, I don’t know).
    Lastly, have you checked your vit D levels? They should be above 80. Daily sunbathing is a must if at all possible in the middle of the day for 30 min. And supplement if needed. I just heard that turkey tail mushroom has been very helpful in breast cancer. Here is a link:

    From the website:
    4. Which extract is the best for treatment of cancer?
    This is a tough question, since cancers vary so much, and given that only a few clinical studies have been completed. It is difficult to give specific answers at this time. However, we do know that several unique polysaccharides individually awaken the immune system, and several mushrooms possess compounds that are anti-tumorigenic per se. Ghoneum et al. (1995) reported that a concoction of multiple mushroom species induced a pronounced immune response. Hence, if I were the patient, I would prefer a multiple-mushroom blend.
    5. For those in recovery, post chemotherapy
    or radiation therapy, are these extracts useful?
    Yes. Many of the clinical studies in China show positive benefits with patients who have undergone radiation and chemotherapy in the treatment of cancers. A number of mushroom species have demonstrated a protective and regenerative effect on cells exposed to radiation and chemotherapy, including Maitake, Reishi, Zhu Ling, and Yun Zhi. In one case study with advanced breast cancer (Wedam & Haynes, 1997), complete recovery was accomplished after a regimen of chemotherapy and alternative therapies incorporating the daily consumption of our 4-mushroom tea blend.

    I continue to cry out to God for you. It is hard to understand why the Gerson isn’t helping. Know that my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family through this trial.

    Nancy R.


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