Paula’s Home!

Greetings!  I want to thank those of you who have joined Paula’s Partners, and a special thanks to those local folks who have signed up to help Paula with juicing, produce washing and/or coffee brewing!

We had expected Paula to return home from the Orange City Gerson Clinic (aka, her friend Esther’s home) this Wednesday, but Esther is expecting a grandbaby and a home birth is planned for the Orange City Birth Center (aka, her friend Esther’s home). 

It looks like the baby decided to head out a little early, so as much as they love Paula, you can only accommodate so many Gerson patients and home births at the same time, so Paula packed up and drove home this morning.

Paula appreciated the opportunity to spend time with Esther, working together on the Gerson therapy, and over the past week, several ladies also came and helped Paula and Esther (with juicing, produce washing, etc.), so a special thanks to Jean, Terry, Laurie, Joy, Kathy, Michelle, and Ruth.

Paula’s sister, Kathy, drove up from Ft. Pierce this afternoon to help Paula this evening and tomorrow.  Several folks from NTM have also signed up to help over the next couple weeks, and a couple ladies from our local church have graciously offered to help for 3 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. 

There are a still a lot of empty slots available on the Paula’s Partners calendar, though, so we’d appreciate prayer that more folks will come alongside to help us during this time.

Thanks too for your continued prayers.  Paula is now at day 25 of her 8 week trial of the Gerson therapy.  We’re hoping and praying that God will use it to strengthen and help her body fight the cancer effectively.

Thanks much, John & Paula  🙂

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