Paula’s Partners

Greetings! I mentioned in my last post that our friend, Deb, was helping us create a Paula’s Partners community (on the Lotsa Helping Hands website), with a calendar of volunteer opportunities (to help with juicing, produce washing, coffee brewing, providing an occasional meal, etc.).

Our Paula’s Partners site provides a mechanism where folks can sign up online to help with different tasks at different times on different days without having to call us to see when we need help, which slots are available, etc.  The calendar includes a number of volunteer opportunties: juicing opportunities throughout the day, once-daily opportunities to wash produce or brew coffee, and twice-weekly opportunities to help provide a dinner meal.

The website also includes two tabs listing Other Ways to Help (for folks who are close by) and Long Distance Helping (for folks who are not local to us), with lists of ways to help or encourage.

The Gerson protocol is quite rigorous and involves supplying freshly juiced organic fruits and vegetables to the patient on an hourly basis 13 times per day as well as a five-times-daily detoxifying process, and a number of supplements. The daily regime is quite time-consuming, almost overwhelming, so any help we receive from Paula’s Partners will be a blessing.

We invite you to join Paula’s Partners by visiting our website,  and clicking on Paula’s Partners (on the left menu); you then enter your email address to get started.

Paula spent two weeks in Seminole (near Tampa) with a friend, Esther, getting started on the Gerson therapy; she was home with us for four days last week, and is now at Esther’s home in Orange City. Paula plans to return on March 16 to continue the Gerson therapy here at home.

We would appreciate your continued prayers for:

  • Healing – that God would use this Gerson therapy. These first eight weeks are especially critical, as we wanting to see if the Gerson therapy will be effective in Paula’s situation.
  • Paula (and all of us) to rest, trust in, and walk with the Lord.
  • Strength & endurance, as the cancer & protocol are difficult.
  • Folks to come alongside and help us with juicing, etc.

By His Grace, John & Paula 🙂

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