The Guest

We had an opportunity this week to get re-acquainted with a dear lady who stopped by to spend a few days with us.  She arrived on Monday, Feb. 28, after having spent nearly two weeks in a condo in Seminole, Florida, getting started (along with her friend, Esther) on the Gerson cancer therapy protocol.

The last four days have been pretty crazy, but it was good to have Paula back, albeit for just a few days.  It helped me gain a better understanding of just how busy the Gerson protocol is keeping Paula.

Paula’s sister, Kathy, who winters in Ft. Pierce (about 2 hours from us) drove up Monday and stayed overnight, helping us with juicing and other tasks.  On Thursday, our friend, Deb, from Oviedo, came by (with her two daughters, who also enjoy playing with our girls) and they all helped clean and juice veggies.  Then today, two of our fellow missionary friends (who live here at NTM headquarters, as we do) helped with cleaning and/or juicing the veggies.  We really appreciated all the help.

Today we spent the evening packing, and then loading Vinnie (our van – that’s short for Vincent “Vinnie” Van Gogh) with our GreenLife juicer, our K&K juice press, Paula’s suitcase, duffel bags, pots, pans, jars, supplements, various and sundry juicing and detoxifying paraphernalia, and what seemed like an interminable supply (but in reality is probably less than a week’s worth) of organic carrots, apples, assorted greens, and other produce.

Then our guest departed, heading up to Orange City to spend another couple weeks continuing on the Gerson therapy with Esther at her home; thanks, Dick & Esther, for hosting and helping Paula.  Well, at least Orange City is only about 30 minutes away, so we can drive up and visit her sometimes. 

We’re expecting Paula back on Wednesday, March 16, unless Esther’s grandbaby (who is due around March 17) comes early.  I believe that the plan is to have a home birth (at Dick & Esther’s home) and, as much as they love Paula, one home can only handle so many Gerson patients and babies at a time.

In the meantime, our friend, Deb, is setting up our new LotsaHelpingHands community, which we’re calling Paula’s Partners (it’s not quite ready yet, though – we’ll add a blog post when it is), with a volunteer calendar so that folks can sign up to help us with juicing, cleaning veggies, preparing coffee (we’re not coffee drinkers, but yes, we really do need help preparing coffee each day), or to bring an occasional meal.  We’re hoping to have Paula’s Partners up and running in time for Paula’s return on March 16.

Thanks for your love and prayers!  John & Paula  🙂

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