Beach Vacation (Not!)

Paula is at (well, near) the beach for a couple weeks, but it’s really NOT a vacation.  Paula has been so busy, that she hasn’t hardly had time to post an update, so I thought I’d share one with you all.

Paula and a dear friend, Esther, are in Seminole, Florida (near St. Pete/Tampa) for two weeks, getting started on the Gerson cancer therapy.  Some friends from Canada (fellow students from our time at New Tribes Bible Institute in 1988) have a condo there (about 15 minutes from the beach) and are graciously allowing Paula and Esther to use it for the two weeks (Feb. 15-28) to have some time away and get started on the Gerson therapy.

I’ve been able to speak with Paula pretty much every day and my impression is that the ladies are extremely busy.  The Gerson therapy involves juicing organic fruits and veggies 13 times a day, plus a daily detoxifying process, plus various supplements, plus the Gerson soup and other organic foods.  So it takes a lot of time to procure, wash, and juice the fruits & veggies and other organic foods, as well as to prepare and administer the various supplements and to accomplish the five-times-daily detoxifying process.

We had researched and ordered the various supplements (from five different places) before the ladies left.  Because of shipping delays, however, we had them shipped to Esther’s daughter, who lives in Clearwater, Florida.  It sounds like the last package arrived yesterday.

Paula and Esther did make it to the beach once (and saw a lovely sunset), but have spent most of their time just keeping up with the rigorous Gerson protocol; most of the little free time they have has been spent watching the Gerson DVDs, which give the background and procedures for implementing the Gerson protocol.

Meanwhile, the kids and I have just returned from a missions conference at our home church in Boca Raton, Florida.  We drove down on Friday, as the kids were also invited to be part of a youth discipleship weekend program (Disciple Now or DNow for short) at the church.  Monday was the first day of the church’s WorldLead training program for national Christian workers (primarily from Moldova, Africa,  and Haiti), so I was invited to sit in on that, then we drove home yesterday.

Another dear friend, Deb McCrary, is helping us put together a Paula’s Partners community at, to help coordinate offers of meals and help with juicing and other daily tasks after Paula returns; we’ll add another post about that as we get our Paula’s Partners community up and running.  In the meantime, we appreciate your continued prayers (for healing, to rest & trust in the Lord, and for Paula to get a good night’s rest each night). 

By His Grace, John  🙂

4 thoughts on “Beach Vacation (Not!)

  1. Hi John!
    Thanks for the informational update. I’ve been praying for Paula and wondering how she was doing. Your note was very helpful. I went to the website you mentioned and it says that the only way to join Paula’s Partners is if the administrator of it issues an invitation. What email address should people who want to help use to let the administrator know they are interested?


    • Hi Nita,

      Greetings and thanks for your comment! Our Paula’s Partners site at LotsaHelpingHands is not quite ready yet. I need to take some time to understand a little better how it works, then we will figure out if we have to individually invite folks or if there is a way to just open it up for anyone to join.

      Thanks for your interest in helping. We really appreciate it!

      John 🙂


  2. Just a quick note to all of you. We have been gone for over a week, so hadn’t seen any updates on Paula. Someone reminded me of this website — so am glad to have recent news. This treatment sounds really rigorous! Praying it will be effective. How good to know the Lord remains in control, as He has always been!

    Connie, for both of us


  3. Hi John and Paula,
    I’ve been praying daily for you all and appreciate the site to help us know how to pray.

    We send our love,


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